‘Early Matters’ Initiative Kickoff, A Success!

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Early Matters initiative is made up of 50 local leaders in the nonprofit, business, education, and philanthropic sectors.

Collaborative for Children is proud to announce its participation in the Early Matters coalition, which aims at improving early education issues in Houston over the next 10 years.

Dozens of businesses, including Texas-based HEB, as well as local school districts and philanthropic organizations have come together to raise awareness to the need to improve early childhood standards in the state.

Carol Shattuck, CEO of Collaborative for Children said, “We are thrilled to be a part of Carol resizethis growing coalition who sees the tremendous importance of investing early in young children and the long term impact of such an investment on Houston’s workforce of the future.”

During a press conference on the first day of school at Sylvan Rodriguez Elementary School, Greater Houston Partnership President and CEO Bob Harvey spoke of the need to improve pre-K guidelines, “Unfortunately we know from experience that perhaps as many as 60% of the children arrive ill prepared and ill equipped.”

Dr. Bob Sanborn, President and CEO of Children at Risk added, “For a lot of our high poverty children there’s no learning until they get to school, which is one of the reasons we’re talking about pre-K programs.”

On Sept. 26, a summit coordinated by Early Matters will be held at Rice University targeting business leaders, elected officials, philanthropic and community leaders to release a report on the state of early education in our region and presenting a plan for addressing the need to improve quality and expand access to high quality early education to more young children in our region. Gen. Colin Powell and businessman George Kaiser are two of the speakers. We hope this event will expand the circle of those who are ready and willing to work on this issue in our community!

Yesterday’s Early Matters launch was well-received by local media. You can check out reports from KPRC Local 2, Fox 26 News , Houston Chronicle, News 92 FM, Houston Public Media and HISD’s News Blog.



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